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Sylvain Gillier-Imbs , M.D.


Since more than 25 years, I am a homeopathic and holistic practitioner in the Paris area in France. I am a rider and horse owner. 


Since more than 15 years, I am living in a protected area, in the middle of an ancient oak forest, south of Paris, France,  (in fact, this is what is left of the old sacred Carnutes forest of the Druids!), and am blessed to have my little herd of five horses roaming freely in a fully natural environment. 


When I was still a young adult, I had the privilege of assisting to special sessions organized in Switzerland by Pr. Michael HARNER,  the founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. It was a revelation: those spirits  that I felt around me were real, and they could become helping and supporting powers!


In 2000 I had a special training in equine therapy for care of autistic and handicapped children. Since 2007, I am practicing horse therapies on a weekly basis with many of my patients, during individual sessions and thematic workshops.


With the organization I created, eQuintessence, we give 6 to 8 workshops every year on subjects as "Exploring the leader in yourself", "Horse and Mindfulness", "Life transitions, how the horse helps us to transform our lives" or "Dance your future life with horses". We organize every year Eponaquest introductory  and advanced workshops .


Since thousands of years, horses have been companions and partners of human beings. Horse myths, legends and symbols tell us stories about the dual aspects of humanity. Twin manifestations of energy and material forms, intuition and spirituality, consciousness and subconscious are part of the great teachings the horses bring us.


As in the twin stories of the ancient Greeks or the Navajo Natives, horses take us in imagination stories about our heroic quest. They carry us to a higher level of awareness.


Horse is a psychopump, a leader that rides between the worlds of seen and unseen. As the Greek myth of the wounded centaur Chiron tells us, the horse teaches us to become healers, but wounded healers. Following the mythic Centaur, we learn about powers of nature and destiny and how to help others with the energy flowing from our own wounds.


Since 2017, I was certified as an Advanced Eponaquest Intructor and am able to teach advanced Eponaquest workshops.


Horses do help. Native American have a saying ; " Horses are our first and msot powerful medicine". Do be truly present with a horse is opening the door to the world of myths and archetypes, find the lost link with the primal nature, sail through the night of the unconscious and find the " Black Horse Wisdom", as my teacher Linda Kohanov says.



Sylvain Gillier (c) Giu Lia Photographies et Domaine de Tara

Sylvain has partnerships with:  

Institut de Psychosynthèse, Eponaquest Wordlwide, eQuintessence, Eagle's Way, Pollen Circles, & Equi-Med' Formation .


He is a facilitator for the Cheval Communication association and organizes thematic workshops with horses.


He gives lectures on a regular basis in Paris about connections with our real self, our horses and with Nature and Mother Earth










Photos (c) Sylvain Gillier,  Giulia Photographies, Domaine de Tara  et eQuintessence

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