Legends of the Horse - Native Horse Project

Healing the Horse, the Human, and the Land

The Native Horse Project :


Healing the Horse, the Human, and the Land


Guérir la terre, se connecter aux chevaux, protéger les lieux sacrés.




Navajo Horse Tour : A collaborative project aiming to share about horse cultures and legends, to better know and understand Dinéh ( Navajo ) traditional horse culture in Europe and in the Navajo Nation, the biggest Native American reservation in the US.

Workshops and encounters to meet and share about  horse traditional knowledge, both in Europe and on traditional Native Indian territories. A project for riders that are open to discover another approach to riding, and those who want to re-connect with horses, nature and Mother Earth.


Our intention is to create opportunities to discover the true Native culture of today, with talks, workshops and meetings, with friends and partners on the Navajo traditional lands among others. We are convinced that the traditional knowledge about horses have great value for everyone. That's the reason why we created reciprocal talks and workshops, both in Europe and in the USA, with Navajo partners and horse whisperers.

Since 2013 we have organized workshops, crowdfundings and talks with local Navajo associations so that the traditional knowledge would be better known and understood. Many Native American tribes are People of the Horse and have horses as their first medicine. Horse is a sacred being for the Dinéh / Navajo.

This year (2020) , we will be organizing workshops , lectures and talk circles around horse therapies, both in France, Switzerland, Belgium and on traditional Native lands in the USA, with Cheval Communication association and local Navajo partners and associations.

We will be offering to participate in several meetings, and also to invest some of your time, before you meet the Native Indian cultures in immersion on their traditional lands. Why ? Because group dynamics and some traditional know-how are prerequisites to fullly understand Native cultures.  It needs some preparation to share with Native people, without too much cultural appropriation, and beyond the usual stereotypes regarding so-called " Indians". Everyone in Europe is seeking to meet shamans and medicine-men. And why not ?...but even better is to know your own culture, your own roots and the traditional culture of your own people - that were in fact very similar to Native know-hows and ceremonies. Horse connection is a powerful way to access traditional knowledge, in Native american culture as well as in Europe.


If you were ever interested in the Navajo culture, you have would probably already heard the word " Hozho". That's a Navajo word that is often translated as " Beauty", as in " I walk in Beauty". It also means harmony and order among other things. But there is another Navajo word, much less known, and equally important, that's the word " K'é ". K'é means to be in community, to share, to reach consensus, to practice reciprocity and to know one's community. In K'é, knowledge belongs to all and no one is superior to another. Years ago, in the boarding schools, the Navajo kids were forced into a foreign culture. But they were still used to K'é. During a test, if one of the kids did'nt know the answer, none of the other would place himself in front and answer. All stayed silent. K'é also means that every human being is equal to others.



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Navajo Horse Tour 2019


- July 7 to 9, with  Cristel-Calahuna Forel and Agathe Missoud, certified 8shields at Sabots de la Licorne, prés d'Annecy: 


Projection of the film Hozho avec Nathalie Dubuc and twoç-day workshop with horses and traditional cultures.


For those preparing to meet nativve culture in AZ with Legends of the Horse collaborative projects.    Inscription ICI



 - August 20 to 30: meet the Navajo tradition in Arizona with Association Cheval Communication.


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Jones, Jeneda et Clayson Benally, musicians and traditional  Navajo horse handlers will be in France and Switzerland next april for a tour of horse workshops, talks, and events with Legends of the Horse

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THANKS & GRATITUDE TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS AND VOLUNTEERS WHO MAKE THESE EVENTS POSSIBLE. Remerciements et gratitude à tous les participants et bénévoles qui rendent ces évènements possibles. SIHASIN en Concert, Facundo, Nathalie, Christian, Fany, Chaps, Stéphane et toute l'équipe du film Hozho en France et aux USA, and to  the Navajo people that welcome our project : Jones, Jeneda and Clayson BENALLY,  the Navajo Hors Whisperer Jay Begaye ,  and all our other Diné' friends. © 2019 eQuintessence